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Fundraising Header - Feb 2016


A great way to raise money for school groups, including sports teams, and important community organizations that are often not financially supported to the extent of what is needed to succeed.

Here's how it works:

  • Pick a date (Monday, Tuesday or Thursday) to book your fundraiser.
  • Jake n JOES will provide tickets for your group to distribute to anyone you would like to participate.
  • On the night of your event, come in for lunch, dinner, drinks or order takeout from Jake n JOES.
  • When paying your check, present the ticket to your server. The ticket will be attached to your check. Jake n JOES will donate 20% of the total from all the checks, less tax & tip, turned in that evening with your group's ticket to your cause.

We are excited to have an opportunity to give back to the community that supports us! If you are interested in booking a fundraiser at Jake n JOES please contact Marge Medeiros at mmedeiros@chateaurestaurant.com or call 508.298.0225 for more details.

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